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November 4, 2008 This letter is in support of the Move Baby, Move! program. The American Heart Association (AHA) and our subdivision the American Stroke Association (ASA) has partnered in Dallas to educate and serve the people of the metro area who are at high-risk for cardiovascular disease through physical activity promotion and education. We are working together to disseminate heart disease information to the communities. Using Move Baby Move's knowledge of older adult wellness and AHA's scientifically based tools and information we are reaching high-risk groups in senior centers and churches in the Dallas area. Move Baby Move is partnering with the AHA using Power To End Stroke (targets African-Americans), about cardiovascular diseases using the local partnership with the AHA. Move Baby, Move! and AHA both endeavor to reach the uninsured, high-risk, under-served populations. The partnership allows us to do that without "reinventing the wheel". This serves as a best practice for saving dollars and reaching the groups. Sincerely, Dione Banks Cultural Health Initiatives Director
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